ATHLETIC ALLIANCE START BHB (Strawberry Lemonade - 255 gr)

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No matter what kind of diet you follow, Start-BHB, with or without caffeine, is the ultimate fuel to take your performance to the NEXT LEVEL. Whether you live a keto lifestyle or not, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB [ketones]) is a better fuel than glucose. Ketones are the preferred fuel source of the brain and are more oxygen-efficient than glucose. The reason we primarily rely on glucose is convenience. It’s easier to convert carbs into glucose than it is to convert fats into ketones. Well, now you can skip that step and consume delicious, bioavailable, ready-to-go ketones with electrolytes and MCT oil, a secondary source of BHB.

Performance – Start-BHB helps optimize ATP production, improving performance and cognition, and is glycogen/calorie sparing, allowing you to both perform at your best and last longer!

  • For shorter, higher intensity/anaerobic workouts, consume 1/3-1/2 scoop before exercise.
  • For endurance events/training, sip on throughout exercise, ideally with an amino acid blend like our advanced recovery formula, Regen-X
  • For cognition, take 1/3-1/2 scoop anytime.

Muscle Maintenance/Building – Being a superior, alternative fuel source to glucose, Start-BHB is calorie and glycogen sparing, allowing you to store more calories, and maintain lean tissue and full glycogen stores, for fuller muscles and better growth. Additionally, it improves insulin sensitivity / response for better nutrient storage in muscle tissue. Atop all of that, you also get all the aforementioned performance benefits.

  • Consume 1/3-1/2 scoop 2-3 times daily atop your usual intake.
  • Consume one serving pre-workout, ideally with a good quality carb source intra-workout to maximize glycogen storage and saturate muscle cells.

Fat Burning – Launch yourself quicker and smoother into ketosis with this amazing product. Start-BHB provides a ready carb-free fuel source to reduce low energy levels and even the “keto flu” that’s often associated with the transition into ketosis. Not only that, but it can help get into ketosis by increasing ketone levels in the body.

  • Consume 1/3-1/2 scoop any time you need a boost
  • Due to it’s glycogen/calorie sparing effects, when consuming Start-BHB your body will utilize the product first before tapping into bodyfat.


  • Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (Ketones) This is the most abundant ketone in the body, typically making up 78% of ketones found in the blood. BHB is the intended final product of ketogenesis.
  • Electrolytes aid with proper hydration, endurance, circulation, and act as a nutritional transport mechanism.
  • MCT Powder combined with BHB helps lower blood sugar and increase metabolic rate and energy levels.