Primarché, from Primaris the Canadian retail division of H&R REIT, is a one-stop-shop that takes our portfolio of shopping centres online.  For the first time, shop your favorite brands and independent stores online as you would in person with one-cart checkout and fast delivery. 


We have created a first-class shopping experience that meets the demand of today’s modern customers, complementing and enhancing the in-store and online shopping journey, together as one.  


Primarché lets you shop your way whether you want to buy online, and pick up curbside, or buy in-store and have it delivered to your door. Shop for what you want, when you want, and from where you want.  


It doesn’t stop there. Here you can enjoy a retail experience that prioritizes choice, convenience, and customer service for greater product availability, and fast, flexible & free shipping options.  All through the power of retail technology and innovation. 


Commitment to the Community 

Primaris understands the importance of demonstrating a connection with the local community, and local shoppers.  We are committed to driving local employment and contributing to the local economy where our Primaris malls are located.  The inclusion of small, independent stores on the Primarché also creates economic diversity and allows these locally owned businesses to enter the eCommerce world for the first time.