PRIMARCHÉ, from Primaris the Canadian retail division of H&R REIT, is a digital mall marketplace that takes the Primaris portfolio of shopping centres online.  For the first time, Canadian consumers can shop their favorite brands and independent stores online as you would in person with multi-brand checkout, and fast delivery.  PRIMARCHÉ is a retail experience like no other that prioritizes choice, convenience, and customer service.  

Can I purchase some multiple stores and brands?

PRIMARCHÉ’s collection and categories mix allow customers to add items from different brands and stores to one cart with orders processed as a single shipment for a faster, more sustainable service. 

Which Primaris shopping centers will be part of the PRIMARCHÉ digital mall? 

For the November 2021 launch, PRIMARCHÉ will roll out across five Primaris locations including Dufferin Mall (Toronto), Stone Road Mall (Guelph), Cataraqui Centre (Kingston), Orchard Park Shopping Centre (Kelowna), and Park Place Mall (Lethbridge).  As part of the road map, we’ll be rolling across other shopping center locations throughout Canada. 

Which brands and stores will be available online?

We have an exciting mix of brands and stores for multiple categories that reflect our customers from all backgrounds and ages. PRIMARCHÉ will feature items from the following independent stores and brands including: Bags n' All, Boutique of Leathers, Foursight Supply Co, H&M, Just Cozy, Key Centre Engravables, NAVA Aromascience, Neat Things, Quarks Shoes, Urban Trail, Vivah Jewellery, The Artful Hand and Ximivogue

Do you include independent stores as well as international and Canadian brands? 

Yes, the inclusion of small, independent stores allows these locally owned businesses to enter the eCommerce world for the first time, and reach a wider customer base beyond the walls of the physical store within a particular Primaris shopping center. 

Who is Ami?

Ami is the persona behind PRIMARCHÉ’s online stylist.  She regularly shares outfit inspiration, updates on trends, fashion tips, and style suggestions that help customers discover new and exciting items from all our categories. 

What are your sustainability credentials?

We’re constantly improving the sustainability of both our Primaris shopping centers and PRIMARCHÉ.  We are committed to reinventing the mall as an eco-friendly retail destination and providing a sustainable eCommerce solution. We achieve this by building synergy between the physical store and digital experience so that Primaris shopping centers can operate more sustainably.  Our mission is to pave the way for positive change towards a more sustainable fashion future.   

How do you ship sustainably? 

We ship and consolidate online orders from the customer’s nearest shopping centers to avoid split shipments. In turn, reducing packaging waste, and our carbon footprint based on an optimized shipping journey. 

Still didn’t find the answer to your question? 

Our multi-time zone Live Chat customer support team available to answer your questions or concerns.  If you need help placing an order, tracking your delivery or submitting a refund request, we’re here to help.