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$199.95 CAD

Exterior Features

  • Polycarbonate Construction: Made from highly impact-resistant, strong, and lightweight material.
  • Expandable Design: Extra expansion to easily pack all your belongings.
  • Push-Button Locking Handle: For convenient maneuvering.
  • Top Carry Handle: Provides comfort when lifting a fully packed case.
  • Four Airflow Spinner Wheels: Allow for easy rolling of the upright case.
  • Carry-On Compatibility: Meets most carry-on standards, but always check with your airline before flying.

Overall Dimensions: 21.5 in. x 14.2 in. x 9.0 in. Weight: 6 lbs

Interior Features

  • Secure Packing: Divider panel and cross-straps to keep your belongings in place.