TANVI Leather Band Smooth Calf White Stitched

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$29.99 CAD

Fast Time TANVI Leather Bands will suit a large selection of watches. This sophisticated band is made with smooth calf leather, padded, and has a white stitched on the edges to provide the best protection and style. Likewise, you can choose from 2 buckle options according to your style.

Free pair of Spring Bars with purchase.

-Style Number: 291R

-Smooth Calf Leather

-White Stitched on Edges


-Sizes 22MM and 24 MM can be adapted for smartwatches

-Width: 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 28mm, & 30mm

-Length: 75mm X 115mm &  80 X 120mm

-Taper: 18mm X 16mm, 20mm X 16mm, 22mm X 18mm, 24mm X 22mm, 26mm X 24mm, 28mm X 24mm, 30mm X 26mm