TANVI Leather Band Smooth Calf Grain

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$24.99 CAD

Fast Time TANVI Leather Bands will suit a large selection of watches. This sophisticated band is made with smooth calf grain leather and is stitched and padded to provide double protection on the edges. Likewise, you can choose from 2 buckle options according to your style.

Free pair of Spring Bars with purchase.

-Style Number: 236R

-Smooth Calf Grain Leather



-Double Protection

-Width: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm 20mm, 22mm, & 24mm

-Length:  70mm X 105mm & 75mm X 115mm

-Taper: 8,, X 8mm, 10mm X 8mm, 12mm X 10mm, 14mm X 12mm, 16mm X 14mm, 18mm X 16mm, 20mm X 18mm, 22mm X 20mm, 24mm X 22mm