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Grab a drink, it's time to puzzle. High contrast, bright colours and texture will help guide your puzzle pieces into place.  


This is a throwback to the ISpy book days. Spot it, find it, place it with this collage-style 1000 piece puzzle.

Spice it up:

Stay spicy, Friends. This fiesta of a puzzle will make you a little hungrier with every piece you place. 

Trippy Dippy:

Welcome to Trippy Town. Featuring strange shaped butterflies, soaring stars and all-seeing eyes. This psychedelic puzzle is for those who love bright, poppy colour. 

Sup Dog:

Who let the dogs out? We did! This 1000 piece puzzle is perfect for any dog lover.


This 1000 piece puzzle will have you dreaming of your next vacation—hopefully sooner rather than later.