Pit Viper The Windsurfing

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Sunlight twinkles as it bounces off the ocean spray, bringing with it flashbacks of eurotrance disco parties you thought you’d forgotten. A flash of vibrant colour emerges on the horizon, snapping you back to reality. Neon pink fit for the proudest of sails! Teal blues like your lover’s eyes, if they happen to be blue. The Windsurfing has arrived. 

Equipped with ANSI Z87+ stamps, removable Side Pieces™, and a Speed Harness™, meet the newest addition to our garage; the Grand Prix. “Only as fast as you want them to be”.


  • UV Protection: 100%
  • Light Transmission: 13%
  • Lens: ANSI Z87+ Polycarbonate
  • Look Thru Colour: Grey