NUTRAMELTZ Vitamin B12 1000 MCG (60 Melts)

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NUTRAMELTZ - B12 1000 MCG - 60 MELTS - NPN : 80091519

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that supports a healthy metabolism, helps maintain nervous system functioning, and is vital for red blood cells. Nutrameltz formulation helps ensure a healthy and balanced level of vitamin B12.

Methylcobalamin is the most effective form of Vitamin B12. Advantages of the popular supplement include:
  • You'll feel more energetic and alert
  • Maintain a positive mood
  • Better memory and cognitive function
  • Perfect for all ages
  • No Side effects
  • No Water required
  • No metallic taste
  • No Choking
Place 1 tablet on or under the tongue once a day.
Allow it to dissolve. No water required.
Take with food, afew hours before or after taking other medications